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Pro-Ag Organic Farms is a center pivot irrigated organic farm in northeastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska. Our company was founded on and has remained focused on specialty crop markets. We started our organic journey in 2012 transitioning partials of our land to organic production and as of 2022 all of our acres are organic or transiting to organic. Primary crops include alfalfa, corn, popcorn, peas, and various cereals.

We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with customers, vendors, and custom operators. We have a leadership style focused on continuous improvement and building a team of problem-solvers. We innovate and focus on improving our agronomics, productivity, and customer service.

Quality. Innovative. Organic.

Pro-Ag Organic Farms rotates a variety of organic crops depending on soil health needs and market demand. We strive to continually improve the yields and quality of our crops. For livestock feed markets our main organic commodities are alfalfa and corn. Pro-Ag also grows popcorn and peas for human consumption.

field corn

Corn is an annual cereal grass that is widely grown for its large elongated ears of starchy seeds. Planted in the spring, corn grows around 190 days and is harvested in the fall. After harvest, the corn is milled for livestock feed rations or chopped into earlage for livestock consumption.


Alfalfa is a deep-rooted leguminous plant with clover-like leaves and bluish flowers that is widely grown for livestock consumption. Alfalfa is a perennial plant that we can get 4-6 cuttings each growing season. Each cutting, the alfalfa is swathed (mowed down), merged (multiple rows brought together) and either chopped into haylage or baled into dry hay. All alfalfa, whether chopped or baled, is used for livestock consumption.


Peas are a member of the legume family. They are planted late fall or early spring and harvested in July. Peas are high in protein content and less allergenic when compared to gluten or soy, they are used as food or feed protein ingredient.


Popcorn is a variety of corn with hard kernels that swell and burst open with a pop when heated. Popcorn has a similar growing season to field corn; it is planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. Popcorn is sent to processors for human consumption.

Pro-Ag Organic Farms owns and operates a 100% organic feed mill located on Hwy 385 between Wray and Holyoke Colorado. The farm regularly purchases certified organic corn and occasionally other ingredients for processing.

Selling certified organic corn?

Contact us for our current bid. The heart of our facility is a hammermill where we are able to grind and mix up to 8 major ingredients and add up to 20 additional micro ingredients.

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We have a leadership style focused on continuous improvement and building a team of problem-solvers.

We are Stewards

I protect our land, environment, and resources.

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I am open, honest, and straight-forward.

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I am responsible for our lives and the lives of others.

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I do whatever it takes, even when it’s hard.

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